Resource Persons

National Level Resource Persons (NLRPs) and State Level Resource Persons (SLRPs)

The domain experts who have created and compiled the content for the FoSTaC training programs would be NLRPs (National Level Resource Persons). At the State level, SLRPs (State Level Resource Persons) would be designated by each state. These NLRPs/ SLRPs will be responsible for developing or revising the course content, translating it into regional language wherever required, developing tools for assessment and certification and training of trainers identified by Training Partners.


Trainers will be identified by the training Partners for the various training courses and will undergo training and certification by NLRPs or SLRPs in Training or Trainers programs. They will be responsible for providing trainings to the target group of FoSTaC.


Any trainer can perform the responsibility of assessor with approval of FSSAI

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Associate yourself as Resource Person

Domain experts are being encouraged always by the food authority to get associated in the capacity building network of FoSTaC.


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