Awareness courses under FoSTaC are developed to create awareness among the food business operators regarding specific content which are not covered under the basic and advance courses. The awareness courses are of different nature and currently there are 3 courses namely COVID-19, Street Food Vending and Start-up Course.


This is an awareness course developed during the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic to guide the food business operators to take preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. This awareness course is also conducted an an integration with the basic and advance courses.


This course outlines
  • Understanding of COVID-19: symptoms, spread and preventive measures
  • The responsibilities of the FBOs in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the food business premises.
  • The various generic precautionary measures to be adopted in addition to specific measures to be ensured at particular places of food businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Management of food establishment on identification of COVID-19 positive cases.

Training Content - PPT

Street Food Vending

This course is developed to educate and train the Petty food manufacturers about the general requirements on sanitary and hygienic practices to be followed in their food business premises/ food service establishments.

This course is based on the Sub Division A in Part – I of Schedule – 4 of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011 under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.


Street food vendors and petty food manufactures including petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stall holder or distributes food including in any religious or social gathering.

Training Content - PPT

Start-up course:

A self-learning course developed to guide the start-ups in food sector across the food value chain about the regulatory requirement of FSSAI. This course consists of a manual developed to detail the procedures related to licensing & registration, labelling & packaging, safety, health & sanitary requirements and other statutory and regulatory compliances as per the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

Start-up course