Basic FoSTaC courses are aimed at training food safety supervisors directly involved in handling the food products at the food business premises in various steps of the food value chain. Food handlers who are in direct contact with food are trained about the general hygienic and sanitary practices to be followed by the Food Business operators based on the Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of the food businesses) Regulations, 2011.

These supervisors should in turn carry out periodic onsite training of all food handlers, at least on a quarterly basis and maintain record thereof for the purpose of food safety audits and inspections.


  • To train the food handlers in direct contact with food materials about the general hygienic and sanitary practices for maintaining food safety.
  • To inculcate the personal hygiene behaviours to the food handlers in a food industry
  • To educate the food handlers about the food safety and its importance in the food businesses.


  • Petty food business operators like petty retail outlets, Milk vendors, Meat shops, canteen, cafeteria, dhaba, tiffin services, etc.
  • Food handlers in the Small and medium scale food industries.
  • Small scale transporters, logistics, last mile delivery persons, etc.

Training manuals of Basic Courses:

  1. Basic Catering – General & COVID
  2. Basic Catering – Integrated Child Development Services & COVID
  3. Basic Catering – Mid Day Meal & COVID
  4. Basic Catering – Bakery Level 1 & COVID
  5. Basic Manufacturing – General & COVID
  6. Basic Retail and Distribution – General & COVID
  7. Basic Storage and Transport – General & COVID