In the view of addressing the training needs of all types of food businesses at various levels in the food system, a total of 19 courses at three levels, basic, advanced and special have been developed. Later, it was re-structured into Basic, Advance and Awareness courses with a total of 25 courses (24 + 1 Self-learning course). Also, it includes a provision to add more sector specific courses to the current course structure as per the demand. The courses are currently delivered through a wide network of training partners, trainers and assessors.

The courses are based on general hygienic or sanitary practices as detailed under Schedule 4 of FSS Regulations. All kind of businesses have been covered under FoSTaC in line with Schedule 4 of FSS Regulations. The kind of business for which specific guidelines have been provided in Schedule 4, the respective FBOs are responsible to get their people trained in the respective courses.

Course curriculum and training manuals are developed by subject matter experts, vetted by FSSAI, translated in regional languages and are made available on FoSTaC website.

The FoSTaC course structure