Advance Courses

Advance FoSTaC courses are to train food safety supervisors who are in the manager or executive level designations in the FBOs and involved in managing or supervising the food handlers in the food business premises. Food safety supervisors of advance level courses will be trained regarding the FSSAI Act, Regulations and other latest amendments of FSSAI along with the general hygienic and sanitary practices to be followed by the Food Business operators based on the Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of the food businesses) Regulations, 2011.

These supervisors should in turn carry out periodic onsite training of all food handlers, at least on a quarterly basis and maintain record thereof for the purpose of food safety audits and inspections.


  • To train the personnel involved in supervising the food handlers who are in direct contact with food materials
  • To demonstrate and facilitate requirements of hygienic and sanitary practices to the food handlers in a food industry
  • To maintain a culture of food safety and bring a behavioural change in the food handlers


  • Licensed food business operators involved in the manufacturing, catering, retail and distribution, storage and transport activities
  • Food handlers in the medium and large scale food industries
  • Medium to large scale transporters, logistics, retailers, storage and warehousing organizations etc.

Training manuals of Advance Courses:

  1. Advance Catering – General & COVID
  2. Advance Manufacturing – General & COVID
  3. Advance Manufacturing – Milk and milk products & COVID
  4. Advance Manufacturing – Animal meat and meat products & COVID
  5. Advance Manufacturing – Poultry meat and meat products & COVID
  6. Advance Manufacturing – Fish and fish products & COVID
  7. Advance Manufacturing – Packaged water and water based beverages & COVID
  8. Advance Manufacturing – Bakery Level 2 & COVID
  9. Advance Manufacturing – Edible oils and fats & COVID
  10. Advance Manufacturing – Health supplements and nutraceuticals & COVID
  11. Advance Manufacturing – Alcoholic beverages & COVID
  12. Advance Manufacturing – Organic food products & COVID
  13. Advance Retail and Distribution – General & COVID
  14. Advance Retail and Distribution – Point of sale of Health supplement & COVID
  15. Advance Storage and Transport – General & COVID